Internet is a form of immortality


 Some years ago, when I just started to comprehend elements of the Internet I have come across a website of one person close to me in age. At that time such personal pages were so rare, and I have become interested in this person, I wished to communicate, I have sent him E-mail. In couple of days I have received the answer: "Dear Tsaliy, unfortunately the author of a site - my father has died one year ago, and as the son I only support this site, having left in it all as is. " So I was reached with a voice from the past.
The Internet is the highest form of transfered information.
The Internet is deprived all those lacks, which other means of transfer information possess: books, newspapers, radio and TV.
The information on the Internet is compact.
The Internet is democratic; it is accessible (or will be accessible in the near future) to all.
On the Internet you can publish everything; for this purpose it is not necessary money, not necessary recommendations. If your information represents any value those who needs - will find it.
For what it is necessary and the Internet can serve.
First - for fast transfer of the printed and technical information.
Secondly - for dialogue with each other.
Thirdly - for transfer TV- programs, not under the fixed programs, and at own will (it in the future).
Fourthly - for self-expression: prose, verses, pieces of art, a photo, etc., etc.
Fifthly the Internet gives an opportunity to create webs-pages as synthetic work of art
The Internet as a fine art.
Just as the book or TV can be not only means of simple transfer of the information, but also works of art (i.e. to transfer the information more sophisticated and emotional) so Internet’s pages can become those. And to become product of synthetic art, similarly to artistic made out books. But the book is static and silent, and in the Internet’ text it is possible to add the music, varying color and other effects. It, certainly, the difficult problem, the main thing is to reach harmony in application of different effects and not go too far. Many web pages abound effects, but except for self-advertisement of the “Flash” skills, they approach nothing more. The technical effect becomes end in itself. Therefore skilled web designers frequently refuse to use special effects at all.
I have tried to reach in some projects synthetic, combining the text and music (the Wreath sonnets), the text and the image (Rustem Galich’s Poetry theatre, section " My verses "). To tell you, that I am completely satisfied, I cannot.*

*An epigraph of a site of A.N.Zhitinsky