To Judith,  my friend and the wife, the inspirer and the editor of a website " New York - Kazan ", is devoted


Very long ago, when I was young and lived in the very beautiful Russian city – Kazan, I‘ve had three dreams.
First dream: to walk through the streets of old Kazan City.
Second one: to appear on the Broadway in New York.
And the last dream: to make possible reading any books and seeing any art pictures directly from my home.
And in a many years at least two dreams came true: I live so close to New York that every day can watch its skyline and every weekend enjoy the Broadway. I have the computer and via Internet can read Russian newspapers, listen Russian radio, watch TV. I can “walk” through the streets of the modern and old Kazan – it seems to me, my first dream (so unreal from the first sight) has been realized.
I love Kazan and love New York as well. I would like my website to connect these two my loved cities. How to make it? Probably the best is: to find something in common between these cities.
In Kazan there lived gifted Russian artist Nikolay Feshin, who had spent the second half of his life in USA and become prominent American painter and sculptor. Some other people from Kazan live now or lived recently in USA: academician Roald Sagdeyev and novelist Vasiliy Aksoynov. I dedicate few web pages to these prominent people of science and literature.
In 1976 all of us living in Russia have seen the movie “Mirror” made by director Andrey Tarkovskiy. This movie shocked me, deeply touched my heart. About this movie and meeting with A.Tarkovsky in 1980 my special web site is narrating.
Besides all above being in Kazan I wrote many articles and poems, and now, living in America, I publish them together on my website with articles and the poems, written recently.
I wish the former Kazan inhabitants living now in USA to go to my web pages and feel the spirit of Kazan. I wish the real inhabitants of Kazan to learn many interesting things about America. I would be very glad if these pages were interesting to other people living in different Russian and American cities.